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Digital design FAQs

What is an SSL certificate?2022-06-15T07:19:52+01:00

An SSL certificate lets your web browser know that the website can be trusted. When a website has an active SSL certificate, all data sent to and from the website will be sent through the HTTPS protocol. While HTTP sends all information as plain text that can be intercepted by hackers, HTTPS encrypts data, making it much more difficult to steal. This includes login details, payment information, and any other personal information you may collect and store on your website.

Will my website use HTTPS?2022-06-15T07:21:02+01:00

Yes, all domains hosted by us include a free SSL certificate and forced usage of the HTTPS protocol.

Why is fast web hosting important?2022-06-15T07:26:36+01:00

Connection speed is important on both ends of the equation. When a user connects to your website, even if they have a very fast internet connection, your website may be held back by how fast it can be delivered by the server. We use superfast servers with Content Delivery Network integrations so that no matter where your users are in the world, your website will be delivered as fast as it can be recieved.

Why is website security important?2022-06-15T07:33:00+01:00

With more information being stored online than ever before, it’s never been more important to keep your customers’ information safe. Keeping software up to date and regularly performing security audits is the best way to protect yourself from attacks. You may have sensitive business or personal information stored on your website that can only be accessed by certain people, and if this system is breached, it can have massive data protection or financial implications.

Can you update my existing website?2022-06-15T07:35:35+01:00

Generally, the answer is yes. It can depend on how your website was built in the first place, which content management system it uses, and how old it is. There may be additional costs for working on a website that doesn’t fit within our standard development methodology.

Do I need a blog?2022-06-15T07:37:03+01:00

You don’t always need a blog, but it can be an amazing tool for boosting SEO performance, as every blog post can act as an additional entry point to your website, and can be targeted very effectively towards a particular keyword or phrase.

Do I need SEO?2022-06-15T07:39:55+01:00

If your website has competition online, SEO is the best way to ensure your website stays on top. What use is a website that nobody will see?

How long will it take to get to page 1?2022-06-15T07:43:06+01:00

Getting to page 1 of Google is highly dependant on the competition, and how many other websites are aiming for the same keywords, Depending on the keyword, it could take a week or it could take a year. We will give you an estimate in our free SEO audit, however, we cannot guaruntee any timeframe.

Do you run Google ads?2022-06-15T07:45:31+01:00

We can run Google Ads as an additional service, however, our goal with SEO is to negate the need for ads, and to ensure that your website will always perform well in search engines, without being temporarily boosted.

Do I need to pay a deposit?2022-06-15T07:47:48+01:00

Before we start a web design project, we require an upfront deposit of 20% of the inital quote. This gives us the security to work on a concept design and make adjustments until its ready for the full development process.

Will I be in the top results of Google?2022-06-15T07:55:18+01:00

We have a highly robust SEO methodology that has been proven to work well, but it always depends on how much competition there is, and how valuable your targeted keywords are.

Can I update the website myself after it’s been built?2022-06-01T09:05:07+01:00

We build our websites using a custom deployment of WordPress, which is super easy to use and allows us to do some advanced stuff to build great websites, while keeping the basics available to customers to easily update the information and design of the site themselves.

For the best results however, we recommend subscribing to a maintenance package. That means all you need to do is send us the new content and we will deploy it with zero downtime, and without compromising on the layout, responsiveness or performance of the site.

Do you offer payment plans?2022-06-01T09:04:45+01:00

We offer 0% finance options with PayPal Credit and PayPal Pay in 3. This allows you to pay with interest-free credit for up to 4 months. See PayPal terms and conditions for more information.

What do I need to provide for the website?2022-06-01T09:04:32+01:00

Depending on the project, you may need to provide assests such as logos and branding material so that we can implement them into the website. You will need to provide basic copy and content for your site but we can proof-read and rewrite content at an hourly rate if required.

Are there any additional costs?2022-06-14T17:06:43+01:00

There are no hidden costs, and all of our prices are available upfront. You may need to pay additional yearly fees for domain renewal and website hosting, but these fees will be outlined in your quotation before you make your decision.

How long do websites take to develop?2022-06-01T09:03:56+01:00

Depending on the size, websites can take between 1 and 4 months to develop. To speed up the process, ensure you have any assets and content for the site ready to go as soon as possible!

Do I need a mobile version of my website?2022-06-01T09:02:54+01:00

In a word, no. With modern programming languages, mobile sites are a thing of the past. Your website will automatically display differently depending on the users screen size, and we test each website at every screen size breakpoint to make sure it looks perfect no matter how you’re viewing it.

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