The Brief

Exile Fitness Academy is an online fitness coaching platform, aiming to deliver a premium service through web and mobile apps.

The client needed a new brand design and a website to promote their services, as well as manage subscription payments from their customers. The design would be dark, professional and minimalist and reflect the image of the brand, with the slogan being “Thrive in Exile”.

Based on the audience and use cases (people going to the gym or outdoors) of the website, the mobile experience was essential to the design, allowing people to find out about the company, subscribe, and manage their account no matter where they are.
Launch date: May 2022
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  • Brand logo

  • Responsive website design

  • Subscription support and members area

  • Branding graphics and photography

The results

Created on WordPress with a dark theme to match the brand image, the Exile Fitness Academy website is responsive to different screen sizes and allows customers to find out more, purchase and manage their subscriptions to the companies coaching services.

We worked with Henderson Digital to create our brand, website and digital marketing strategy. We were absolutely blown away by the concept design for the website and grew to love it even more as we worked side-by-side with Sam to fine tune it to represent our company.

Craig – Exile Fitness Academy

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