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Website hosting2022-07-21T12:05:56+01:00
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Website hosting

Website hosting with Henderson Digital is fast, secure, and reliable. We use superfast servers with integrations to CloudFlare for worldwide content delivery.

Our standard hosting packages include 10GB of space per website, daily backups, and free SSL certificates.

Have more complex hosting requirements? Contact us with more information and we’ll build a bespoke quote to accomodate any project.

What’s included?

  • Daily backups
    Your website is backed up every day so if something goes wrong, you always have access to previous versions.

  • Free SSL
    Data sent to and from your website is encrypted and sent over HTTPS, allowing modern browsers to trust your website and keep your users safe.

  • 10GB server space

    10GB of our ultrafast web server space allocated to your website. That’s enough for up to 12,000 HD photos.

  • Up to 50,000 monthly visits
    Our hosting plan includes enough bandwidth for any personal, small or medium business website with up to 50,000 monthly visits.
  • Personalised domain email addresses
    Fully custom email addresses for your website, such as []@[yourwebsite].com

  • Subdomains
    Add subdomains to your site for different sections, such as shop.[yourwebsite].com and blog.[yourwebsite].com

  • Cloudflare CDN
    Your website is automatically integrated into CloudFlare for ultrafast caching and content delivery across the world.

Hosting prices

Domain management and renewal2022-04-17T10:46:20+01:00
From £39 per year inc. VAT per domain.

Choose from hundreds of domain extensions such as .com,, .net and .org.

Ultrafast web hosting2022-04-17T10:46:51+01:00
From £79 per year inc. VAT per domain.

10GB of ultrafast web storage, including Cloud Flare integration.

Subdomain management2022-04-17T10:15:35+01:00
From £39.00 per year inc. VAT per subdomain.

Subdomains are a great way to compartmentalise your site, such as shop.[your-site].com or blog.[your-site].com.

Subdomain storage is shared with the base hosting plan.

Email accounts2022-04-17T09:59:26+01:00
From £24 per year inc. VAT per user.

Email accounts include 512MB of email storage per user.

Gmail integrations and storage upgrades are available under bespoke quotes.

Our customers say

We worked with Henderson Digital to create our brand, website and digital marketing strategy. We were absolutely blown away by the concept design for the website and grew to love it even more as we worked side-by-side with Sam to fine tune it to represent our company.

Exile Fitness Academy

Sam and I worked together to create a website to house my family tree. As a novice it was hugely helpful to be steered through not just the process of creating a website but the options to make it look better and work better. The final design looks brilliant and he’s built it in a way that I, as a novice, can update and add to it. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone at any level of understanding who wants to get a website off the ground.

The Gorman Family

I highly recommend Sam at Henderson Digital. We loved his design concept for our holiday let website, and he was very responsive and easy to work with when we had things we wanted to tweak. His SEO work for us has also been brilliant and we have moved up the rankings to be on the first page for quite a few search terms. All-in-all a superb service.

Lochside House

Web hosting FAQs

What is an SSL certificate?2022-06-15T07:19:52+01:00

An SSL certificate lets your web browser know that the website can be trusted. When a website has an active SSL certificate, all data sent to and from the website will be sent through the HTTPS protocol. While HTTP sends all information as plain text that can be intercepted by hackers, HTTPS encrypts data, making it much more difficult to steal. This includes login details, payment information, and any other personal information you may collect and store on your website.

Will my website use HTTPS?2022-06-15T07:21:02+01:00

Yes, all domains hosted by us include a free SSL certificate and forced usage of the HTTPS protocol.

Why is fast web hosting important?2022-06-15T07:26:36+01:00

Connection speed is important on both ends of the equation. When a user connects to your website, even if they have a very fast internet connection, your website may be held back by how fast it can be delivered by the server. We use superfast servers with Content Delivery Network integrations so that no matter where your users are in the world, your website will be delivered as fast as it can be recieved.

Are there any additional costs?2022-06-14T17:06:43+01:00

There are no hidden costs, and all of our prices are available upfront. You may need to pay additional yearly fees for domain renewal and website hosting, but these fees will be outlined in your quotation before you make your decision.

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